liposuction atlanta ga: Questions and Answers

What is liposuction atlanta ga?

SmartLipo with Suction Aspiration Procedure is a laser lipolysis equipment which selectively melts unwanted body fat deposits with precision and quickly liquefy the fatty tissues. It is safe and minimally invasive procedure which is replacing the more invasive traditional liposuction. The melted fat is suctioned/aspirated by using a traditional liposuction vaccum pump.

Do the results of SmartLipo last?

Yes! Adults do not create new fat cells. When a person gains weight the same number of fat cells expand (each fat cell become bigger). The SmartLipo with Suction Aspiration Procedure permanently removes these fat cells. Should you gain weight after the process, most fat will be deposited in areas where the SmartLipo was not performed; therefore, one should takes necessary steps to prevent unwanted weight gain, after SmartLipo.

Are there any other advantages of Smartlipo over traditional liposuction?

Smartlipo is carried out under local anesthesia without the potentially dangerous complication of general anesthesia which is usually used for traditional liposuction. Slimplasty states that liposuction atlanta ga is less invasive procedure than the traditional liposuction. The laser beam also has the additional property of stimulating collagen formation for skin tightening. It seems that laser beam might also kill germs and block veins. Therefore, one can argue that people who undergo Smartlipo fat reduction suffer less from complications such as infection and bruising compared with those treated with the traditional liposuction. More research is needed to clarify such comparisons. SmartLipo is cheaper than traditional liposuction.

You will not only receive personalised medical care for Smartlipo in our relatively new and small clinic with the latest laser technology but you are also most probably at a reduced risk of contracting a hospital infection.

Our experience shows that for larger areas such as the abdomen and thighs, if we combine Smarlipo with suction of melted fat the final outcome after procedure will be improved significantly in terms of earlier and enhanced results.


How does SmartLipo work?

SmartLipo is a fine cannula is introduced through a small cut (incision) into the fatty tissue the laser beam acts on the lining of the fat cells and selectively breaks down the fat cells. The melted fat is aspirated by using relatively fine liposuction cannula or if the Smartlipo is carried without suction or aspiration the melted fat is left to be absorbed by the lymphatic system and finally flushed away naturally by the normal general process of the body.


Freeze Your Fat with Coolsculpting Atlanta


Why are so many people flocking to get Coolsculpting done?

I think people find the Coolsculpting concept so appealing because it involves no surgery. It literally is a procedure where you can walk in, have the treatment done, walk out a couple of hours later, and wait for the magic to happen. It is a very low risk procedure which people are looking for nowadays. Since people nowadays are always on the go and can’t afford to have downtime, Coolsculpting is the go-to choice for many people. That’s the biggest thing. There’s no downtime and you can go back to your normal activities and it’s ideal for the people who actually just want to get rid of that little bit of muffin top, that little bit extra, that they probably wouldn’t have gone towards a surgical procedure for because it would just be too much. Instead, they just want to refine their figure, and reduce their fat. It’s so simple. It really is unbelievable.

Is Coolsculpting painful? If so, how much?

It’s a little bit uncomfortable at times. When the applicator first goes on, it feels quite pinchy. It does feel a little bit pinchy. I wouldn’t say it’s pain, but I would say it’s uncomfortable for about five minutes or so. After that, the treatment is completely painless since it goes a little bit numb. People will read, text, Skype, carry on with their normal life while it’s on. Once the machine is stopped and the treatment cycle has been completed, when the head comes off, again it’s a little bit uncomfortable. Particularly when we massage it. After five to ten minutes of a massage, it’s done and there are no problems at all. It’s not uncomfortable.

Once you’ve localized the fat, where does it actually go?

The reason this technology works in the long term is that once the fat cells are completely destroyed by cryogenic freezing, it crystallizes. To quote Slimplasty Coolsculpting Atlanta, the body the recognizes that the fat cells have turned into foreign material and breaks it down. The body breaks down the fat cells and excretes it through the bowels. That fat is then completely gone for long term. It does not reform in those areas.

Atlanta Ultherapy Questions / Answers

Richard Lopez here and I wanted to address some of the common concerns associated with Ultherapy. I’m an Ultherapy specialist in Atlanta Georgia and I’d be happy to answer your questions.

What is the Recover for Ultherapy?

Occasionally patients will have some swelling around the jaw line and in the middle of the lower neck under the chin. If there is swelling it may last for a day or two but it’s usually gone. I personally had Ultherapy and was able to go out to dinner and maintain normal social activities immediately after the treatment. So, for the most part, there’s really no downtime with Ultherapy.

How Long does Ultherapy Take?

The Ultherapy treatment usually takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the areas that we’re treating. If we just treat a single area, say the cheeks, that might take a half hour to 45 minutes. To treat an entire face and upper neck takes about an hour and ten minutes and then if we’re going to treat the entire face, upper neck, and lower neck, which we call an extended neck, that may take up to two hours. So the treatment time varies depending on the areas that we’re treating. To treat the decollete takes about 30 minutes.

ultherapy information

Is Ultherapy Painful?

One of the sayings about Ultherapy early on was “Ultherapy works, but yes, Ultherapy hurts.” Today, particularly in our practice in Ultherapy Atlanta Practice, we are very concerned about our patients’ comfort. If you feel a single pulse of Ultherapy, it feels like a bit of an electrical jolt for a few seconds, like a little fine hot needle and it’s very tolerable. During the course of an Ultherapy treatment, we make anywhere around 500 pulses so what I usually recommend for our patients because I want them to be as comfortable as possible, is to allow us to put in a little bit of local anesthesia which makes the treatment very very easy. There are some patients who have a higher tolerance for pain and don’t want local anesthesia and they tolerate the procedure well. And then there are some patients who don’t want to feel a thing and for those patients, we ask they have someone to drive them to the office and we give them a Xanax to relax them and then we also will give them a weight proportional dose of Demerol which is a narcotic pain reliever which even though they may feel a little something, they feel so good from the Demerol that it doesn’t bother them and they get through the procedure with no problem at all.

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